on Monday it will be a year since you said you couldn’t be with me anymore. next week will be the last time I ever kissed you. i wish I would have said goodbye properly that last bus ride. I wish you could have seen the ring I picked out for when I was going to ask you to be mine forever.

I’m going to lay this blog to rest then. so I no longer have any ties to what used to be ours. I can’t have that sting in my soul anymore. I loved you, and I probably always will somehow. I’m sorry.

- Aidyn

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he wears the crystal you gave me when we were first Awakening as a piece of me to carry round. I didn’t have anything else to give then, and I knew it was significant. he says it is heavy. there are a thousand stories tied to it, and that its history can not be changed or erased. he still feels you with me in it, and that is terrifying.

- a

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he built me my wings. sees them better than I do. the wind kept tugging at them, screaming “let go”. I sprung on the shore and sang to the sea. old language written in the sand; I couldn’t even remember my name, could only taste it instead. we always speak of revolting safety, but when the waves crashed over our feet as he swore to her, to them, to the kings that once cradled me, I knew then that is the only kind of safety that matters. I danced with my arms outstretched under the moon. howl and sing. I felt it. I felt old. I felt free.

- a

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I feel so close to the earth lately. my soles don’t touch the ground. I wish you were still around to share this with me and sing to the trees and scratch my wings.

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I am going to write about you in a tale of our world from ages past because at least that way you’ll survive. I miss you.

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if you identify in the faery community on tumblr please like or reblog

I would love to know everyone apart of it

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my heart isn’t just busted up. I’m homesick.

- a

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you don’t just lose who you are.
you either are, or you’re not.
humans can try to take it away, but the point of your ears, the howl in your throat, the ache for the sky…
it doesn’t go away.

- a

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Faerie Blood Lines


So I know there’s a lot online about otherkin, and a lot of theories about what constitutes an otherkin. Some say that they’re reincarnated souls trapped in a mortal body, some say it was choice, some say it’s about the soul and some feel phantom limbs. We’ve all heard it.

We’ve also all heard of some level of magical talent/sensitivity running in families yes?

What if it’s an actual blood line thing?

There’s plenty of stories about fairies roaming around and occasionally co-existing with mankind, and hell, there’s the Nephilim and the other angelics which were supposedly on earth breeding with mankind before the flood. So what if, through “cross breading” some family lines have stronger blood ties to these creatures/beings than others? Assuming they are, or at one point were, physically and truly incarnated as themselves. A lot of gifts run strongly in blood lines. My family alone passes multiple talents, almost exclusively to the first born female (and trust me, the girls are always born first). 


there is a LOT of magick in my family. my parents are both very spiritual people and have been using candle magick and the like for my entire life, and since my mom is from Scottish descent i would have no problem believing that my deep connection to both Ireland and Scotland and the Sidhe come from that. it is also not that farfetched to me that i could feel the way i do from something that runs in my blood.

- a

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she always scratches where my wings should be. she told me she could see them for just a second, and she described them much like I see them.

- a

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