it was a magnetic connection. me and the trees. a human body, sure. but a foreign soul. something from somewhere.

elven. elenari. very possibly tulari.

there’s magick in these veins. something that never has died off in my turn from child to adult. i’ve always longed for it. the nature of it all. i needed. i needed my home.

it’s not just a tale. it’s that. it’s home. i’ve always known it. i’ve always felt the real in this world’s make believe. their reality isn’t mine. it isn’t real. i stand taller. i walk in the grass and through the forest, and i am one. simple buzzes and the lanterns. those are me.

this who i am now. strange in a strange land. i was put here for a reason though. i know it. there most be. to walk among humans in this human body. to learn and to teach. to better my spirit.  

i will go by Donella on here as it is the name my love has given me. i look forward to sharing my path for you all.

i am a elf. (i don’t recall ever writing it either.)

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from the start, this is what i am. or, rather, what i am not.
on this, i will go as aisling. it is a name that my love has given me — i will never know what my past name was, and maybe i don’t wish to. this is what i will be, in this life, for this period of time, as i am.
i am not human in spirit. my body is human; my eyesight, my touch, my smell, those are all human. i have human feelings and human thoughts and human needs.
however, my spirit is fae. for my whole life i have longed for long hair and big wings that flutter in the breeze and crowns made from hand-picked flowers and a deep connection to the earth. i have cried for moonlight dances and treetop naps and conversations with the birds. i have dreamt of a place i could never find anywhere but story books and imaginations.
i was always the one who was so adamant about spirits and “make-believe” creatures and always considered so strange because of it. how could i not believe what’s simply right there for all to see, but most just turn their eyes from?
none of it ever made sense to me then. these things were ingrained in me, from the magick in my family to the way my heart beats. this is what i’ve always been. this is what i am.

i am a faerie. (i’ve never typed that sentence before.) 

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