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Just going to clarify.

I AM a human. I do not IDENTIFY with being a bear. I IDENTIFY as human.

I acknowledge that there is a strong bear essence within me though. I’m relatively normal in everyday life. I haven’t been babied or coddled. I don’t make my therianthropy a #1 statement. And I don’t speak of it unless necessary.

To assume all therians and/or otherkin are all animal identifying, think again. Alot of us know we are humans, identify as human, but acknowledge the differences inside of ourselves. Don’t listen to a lot of these tumblr otherkin, as it’s a poor example of the otherkin communities outside of such.


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those of us whose kintype are deemed “fictional” or “mythical”

it is very nice and thoughtful of you to make informational posts or answer asks and the like about culture and biology and what have you

that’s awesome and I personally find it interesting

but what isn’t cool is acting like you’re the authority of that kintype, that your explanation is the only true one, and any kintype not following it is “fake”

remember that humans do not know everything of mythical creatures!! that’s why they’re mythical! their are dozens of different possible kinds of dragons, mermaids, angels, etc. in human stories alone. who is to say that there aren’t MORE possibilities with actual mythical creatures?

remember that not every fictional kin comes from the same canon as well!! there are many different alternate realities!!

just a little PSA

please don’t be elitist and make other ‘kin feel unwelcome!!

thank you

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You know, there’s something satisfying with having animals related to your kintype.

Last summer we managed to get two turkeys. I’ve grown very close to one, named Lucy, and just today we picked up three chickens as well. They are pets, but I see them more as a more feathered sort of family. 

Picking them up and nuzzling into their feathers and just breathing in that rich musk of bird. Especially bird that’s about the same size as you are supposed to be. I share the same sort of looks as turkeys. Roughly same size, same weak legs, same ‘ugly’ head. I feel a lot of kinship with turkeys, especially since ours are white and I feel like I am supposed to be a leucistic turkey vulture. The only difference between us is that evolution has granted the turkey vulture flight, while taking it away from the turkey. 

I held our new Barred Rock chicken in my lap as we drove home. My siblings held the two others, but I wanted her. I love patterened fathers. Black white black white stripped all down her sides. She protested the car, and I leaned in close in the back seat, and breathed in her essence. Willing her to see within my what most animals tend to see. I will not hurt them. I am your kin. I will only exist to assist and befriend you. Her eyes found me, turning her head to look up at me with those vibrantly yellow eyes, and after that she was calm. 

It’s always calming to me to sit with birds. usually birds are just outside of my grasp. Flitting the trees, the lakes, the stream, the sky. I can recognize them by song alone, existing like someone who is in a conversation, just not partaking of it. Simply sitting there listening to the others, nothing more. But now when I need to, I can go sit outside, and the birds will sit with me. Like real kin. 

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Friendly advice. Equality does not mean special privileges. Don’t expect people to give you more than you give them. We all have been put in human bodies in this lifetime and for reason. You cannot let your journey into finding and embracing what your soul is get in the way of your purpose here.

- Donella

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Survival kit, inspired by something littlefeatherheart said.

I love everything about this list.  You included some things I had forgotten!  

Also, if you cannot watch the DVD for some reason, the book by Peter S. Beagle is a great thing to carry around.

(I keep most everything on this list in my bag that I carry daily…and usually I end up finding feathers in the bag as well, out of nowhere, so there’s my nesting material! ♥)

Thank you so much for creating this.  You are lovely. ♥

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Anonymous: "there is something very calming and beautiful about your blog, it makes me feel rather safe and comfortable. a lot of positive energy."

Thank you, thank you. This means so much. This is what it’s all about. In a world polluted, that’s all we’ve ever wanted to do. Know you are safe and can message the two of us at anytime. Anything from resource to a listening ear and beyond. Please don’t hesitate to ask. - Donella

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